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Wrong for California

In 2012, voters across California sent nine (9) targeted Republican Congressional incumbents and challengers packing. In 2014, we're not giving these California Republican House members and candidates a pass. Learn more about their record, including their efforts to shut down the government, and find out why 2014 will be the year California voters shut down the Tea Party Republicans.

VIDEO: Gary DeLong Loses It

Tenoch Flores, California Democratic Party

At a debate hosted by the California League of Women Voters featuring candidates for Congressional District 47 (#CA47), DeLong lost it upon seeing that his post-debate public statements were being recorded by a tracker working for the California Democratic Party. He snatched the tracker’s cell phone out of her hand and began deleting videos.

Later, DeLong’s staff verbally and physically harass the tracker as she tries to record the candidate’s public statements.

Trackers are commonplace in electoral campaigns where they record candidates’ public statements to ensure those statements are consistent and aren’t misleading to voters.

What is Gary DeLong so afraid of?

If he can't stand the pressure of a campaign worker filming his statements after a public forum, how does he expect to perform in a high pressure environment like Congress? How will he ever stand up to the radical Tea Party ideologues in the Republican Party as he's claimed he would do?