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Wrong for California

In 2012 and 2014 voters across California sent 12 targeted Republican Congressional incumbents and challengers packing. In 2016, California Republican House members and candidates are running on the Trump ticket, and we're not giving them a free ride. If we're going to take back the House and end the Tea Party's divisive rule, it has to start by defeating extreme Republicans right here in California.

Democrat Endorsed Over Denham

Michael Soller, California Democratic Party

The Modesto Bee just backed Democratic challenger Michael Eggman over Congressman Jeff Denham, saying that "Denham's support of Trump is a disqualifier."

Denham's hometown newspaper had endorsed him three times for Congress in earler elections, but couldn't accept Denham's decision to stand with other hard-right Congressman in backing Trump.

The Modesto Bee wrote that by endorsing Trump, "Republicans like Denham and Tom McClintock also endorse Trump’s most egregious policy ideas – stripping voting rights from people of color, subjecting Muslims to loyalty tests, breaking apart families of Mexican immigrants, usurping individual rights in the name of 'law and order,' building a wall, instituting trade wars, allowing Russia free rein in the Middle East. Silence, in this case, provides support."

Denham bragged about helping Trump get a government contract for a luxury hotel in Washington, D.C. and defended his support for Trump in an oped earlier this year.

Denham is still supporting Trump even after the Access Hollywood footage where Trump talked about sexually assaulting women, and after multiple women have come forward to say Trump groped and assaulted them.

California Republicans' failure to stand up to Trump fueled his rise and gave him a bulwark of support in winning the nomination. In contrast, the Modesto Bee said that Michael Eggman would join other "stalwart Democrats" in opposing a Trump agenda.