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Wrong for California

In 2012 and 2014 voters across California sent 12 targeted Republican Congressional incumbents and challengers packing. In 2016, California Republican House members and candidates are running on the Trump ticket, and we're not giving them a free ride. If we're going to take back the House and end the Tea Party's divisive rule, it has to start by defeating extreme Republicans right here in California.

McClintock Standing By His Guy - Trump

California Republicans in tight races for Congress are running for cover after Donald Trump talked about sexually assaulting women in a video released by the Washington Post. Not Tom McClintock.

He redoubled his support for Trump in an offensive statement posted this week on his website: "When a fireman is trying to save my house from burning down, the fact he uses lewd and vulgar language in private conversations with other guys doesn't change the nature of the emergency."

McClintock's failure even to acknowledge that Trump advocated molesting women put him in the same class with Dana Rohrabacher, who has defended Vladimir Putin and called Republicans "gutless" for abandoning Trump in droves. 

In the past week, McClintock also defended sub-minimum wage jobs and opposed equal pay laws for women.

“I believe that every person ought to have the freedom to negotiate terms that satisfactory to them and to their employer without some third party butting his nose into the transaction,” McClintock said. “That’s called freedom. It works and it’s time we put it back to work.”

His opponent Democrat Bob Derlet has called for Congress to outlaw gender pay discrimination so women are not stuck in low-wage "starter jobs" for years. 

Voters in the 4th Congressional District are tired of McClintock's antics.

"McClintock doesn't care that Trump advocated sexual assault of women then dismissed it as ‘locker room talk,’ ” said Lori Anzini, El Dorado County Democratic Party Chair. “That’s no surprise from a candidate who doesn’t support equal pay laws and uses his own $1 an hour job 30 years ago to justify it.” 

"McClintock is a climate change denier," said Pat Kriz of El Dorado Hills. "He only believes that the earth is in a heat cycle right now.  That the Jurassic period was the 'balance of previous heat cycles.'  He does not agree that our current climate problems are created by humans."

"McClintock does not support equal pay for equal work," said Kate Scott of Lincoln. "Under his preferred 'freedom to negotiate' rules the children of poor families working in factories, farm workers laboring for pennies on the dollar, and women -- or worse yet, girls -- find themselves in some very compromised positions."