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Wrong for California

In 2012 and 2014 voters across California sent 12 targeted Republican Congressional incumbents and challengers packing. In 2016, California Republican House members and candidates are running on the Trump ticket, and we're not giving them a free ride. If we're going to take back the House and end the Tea Party's divisive rule, it has to start by defeating extreme Republicans right here in California.

Tony Strickland

Strickland Stats

Party: Republican
Faction: Drill Baby Drill
Running For: Congress
District: 26 / #CA26

District Stats

Population: 702, 849
County: Ventura County
Cities: Filmore, Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moorpark, Port Hueneme,Thousand Oaks, Oak Park,

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What you need to know

Tony Strickland is a longtime Republican legislator looking for his next landing spot. With the prospect of term limits fast approaching, Strickland's state Senate seat is no-doubt looking stale and he sees Ventura County's Congressional seat as his ticket to D.C. where he would fit right in with the current class of extreme House Republicans. But its unlikely voters will be fooled. Strickland has a dirty environmental record, voting in favor of coastal drilling and going so far as sending a letter to California’s Attorney General, attempting to refute scientific data and analysis on climate change. Beyond towing the line for climate change deniers, he was also the first President of the California affiliate of the Club for Growth; a right wing club that strong-arms moderates out of office in favor of “no compromise” Republicans, like Strickland. Lastly, Strickland has spent a fair amount of time drumming to the beat of the Romney machine, serving as Chair of the Republican Presidential nominee’s California operation.